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Monday, March 15, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do perfumes cost so much?
There are many reasons for the high cost of perfume. Advertising, packaging, and the type of distribution channels used by perfume manufacturers account for most of the cost. Fragrance companies advertise perfumes in monthly publications. It costs about $32,000.00 for a one page ad in Vogue magazine. Industry sources say that Calvin Klein spent approximately $6 million to advertise their fragrance Eternity. Manufacturers pay premium prices for designer bottles, boxes, and display cartons. Some of the world's finest bottle designers charge more than $100,000.00. Department stores typically mark perfume 60% to 100%. Customers pay for these costs.

How do I find the right fragrance for me?

The best way to find your perfume is by testing the fragrance on your skin and living with the fragrance awhile. Only then will you know if the fragrance is right for the occasion.

How many fragrances can be tried without becoming numbed?

A variety of different fragrance types is less fatiguing to the sense of smell. When perfumes are very different you can try five to six; when they are similar, only two to three. Heavier scents tire your nose more quickly so when sampling always begin with lighter scents.

Can a fragrance smell differently on different people?

Yes, fragrances can smell differently on different people. Everyone has their own body chemistry and individual smell. A fragrance scent depends on both the condition of the skin and the individual's diet.

Can spicy food effect the scent of a perfume?

No, the scent of a perfume does not change. Spicy food can change the odor of the skin, thereby effecting the overall odor effect of a perfume

Why am I not aware of my fragrance after I have worn it for awhile?

The sense of smell becomes quickly fatigued. After a period of smelling a fragrance you become used to it and may not be able to smell the scent. The scent is still there and is very strong for others.

Can a perfume influence moods?

Yes, various studies show that fragrances can influence moods. Some studies show the impact scents have on moods may come partly from memories they invoke. Therefore, a mood change may vary from person to person or at different times. A pleasant fragrance can both soothe and stimulate.

How long does a perfume keep?

This depends on their storage. The ideal storage conditions are room temperature out of direct sunlight. Do not place near extreme heat or light. Extreme heat may cause a fragrance to oxidize or change its odor. When stored properly a perfume will last almost indefinitely. Product note: When transporting your fragrances, keep them in a cooler to prevent excessive heat. Heat builds quickly inside a vehicle. Liquids expand and contract with temperature changes. Excessive heat may cause the bottles to break.

Is there any benefit to storing perfumes in a refrigerator?

No, the ideal storage condition for perfume is room temperature.

Should a perfume be dabbed or sprayed?

This depends on your personal preference. Spraying gives a more even distribution. When dabbed, drops of perfume can go to waste.

How many substances does a perfume contain?

Perfumes may be composed of fifty, one hundred, or one thousand ingredients; the sky is the limit. There are no set amounts. The number if ingredients used does not determine the quality or cost of a perfume.

Can perfume leave stains on clothes?

Normally, they don't because most of the ingredients evaporate without leaving a trace. We do not recommend the spraying of perfumes directly on clothes because some fabrics may stain. If stains occur, they can usually come out when washed. Always apply your fragrance items before dressing.

Can perfume spoil?

Yes. When a perfume becomes thick, its color changes drastically, and there is a sour smell upon opening, this means the perfume has deteriorated.

How much, and what type of perfume should I wear?

A good rule of thumb is less is best. Your perfume should never dominate your surroundings. We suggest a light fresh floral fragrance for the warmer months. Increased body temperature causes perfumes to expand and the scent becomes stronger. During winter the opposite holds true. Build your fragrance wardrobe. Choose perfumes to meet your moods and the occasions.

How should a fragrance be applied?

Apply directly to pulse points--inside the wrist, behind the ears, at the temples, behind the knees, the back of the neck, the cleavage area, between the toes, ankles, and thighs.

Does a fragrance last longer on moist or dry skin?

Perfumes cling to moist skin; they thrive when worn on emollient skin. The warmth of a body enables the fragrance to warm thereby releasing its true beauty. Dry skin lacks the necessary oils to hold fragrances and can even distort the scent. If you have dry skin, use a cap full of Perfume Originals Perfumed Body Oil after your shower. Product tip--put the body oil in a plastic spray bottle and spray or mist on. Then gently pat your skin dry. Do not rub your skin with a towel. Rubbing robs your skin of moisture and precious oils. Seal moisture into your skin with the hand and body lotion. Now apply your perfume.

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